Meie lehte kasutades nõustute küpsistega
Meie lehte kasutades nõustute küpsistega

Valgustusega peeglid

Custom size according to your specifications

You can choose the design and color temperature of the lights

Over 1000 different decorative frames to choose from

Possible to add touch-free sensor switch and anti-fog heating film

Backlit (ambient-light) mirror

Ambient-light can be all around or on two sides only. There is a 25mm high aluminium frame behind the mirror, from witch the mirror is hanged.


Backlit framed mirror

Basically the same technological solution as ambient-light mirror, but framed. You can choose the frame from our frame catalog.


Framed mirror with frosted edges

Mirror with frosted area, the light is also shining forward. You can choose the width of frosted area, decorative frame and light temperature of the LEDs. We recommend to visit our workshop to offer this type of mirror.



Anti-fog heating

We also offer anti-fog heating film. The film is glued to backside of the mirror. It is connected straight to the power supply (220v). It prevents the mirror from getting foggy.

Custom shaped mirror

We can also produce custom shaped mirror (ovals, hexagonals etc). We also offer bronze and gray mirror.

Peegli riputused

Hanging rail

Hanging rails are mounted to the wall with screws, then the mirror is attached on the rails. Good option when mounting big mirrors or when mirrors need to be moved in the future.

Self-adhesive hanging plates

Hanging plates are glued behind the mirror. A hook needs to be mounted on the wall. Not suitable for very big mirrors.

Mirrorglue and tape

Easiest and cheapest solution for mounting mirrors. Wall needs to be  smooth surfaced. It is a permanent solution, cant demount the mirror afterwards.