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Framing – what kind of materials I need?

Framing is art. Every work is unique and needs a different approach. We have a very wide range of different frames and materials. So the possibilities to frame your artpiece are huge. Here are some of the samples what kind of materials does your artwork need.

canvas framing

Canvas stretched to a canvas frame

  • Only picture frame

If the canvas frame is good quality and straight, then you will only need a decorative frame. In some cases we need to replace the old canvas frame.

framing paper photos

Photo paper, poster

Option I

  • matboard (optional)
  • Backboard
  • Glass
  • Frame

Option II

  • Mounting to foamboard
Framing photomount


Photomount does not always need a picture frame. Although picture frame protects the work and we recommend framing photomounts also.

  • Glass (optional)
  • Backboard
  • Frame


  • Stretching to canvas frame
  • Framing (optional)

Painting on board

  • Only frame
  • Backboard
Framing embroidery

Embroidery, textile

  • Glass
  • Backboard
  • Frame
framing, framed object, shirt framing

Shirts and 3D objects

  • Glass
  • Distance frame
  • Matboard
  • Frame

Selection of glass

Glass protects artwork

We have different types of glass to choose from. Choosing the right glass is very important. For fine art we recommend using Artglass. For cheaper reproductions, photo prints you can go with regular glass of frosted glass

We have 4 different options to choose from Below you can see the pros and cons of each type of glass. Choosing the right glass is very important.

You can read about Artglass on the manufacturers website

glazing, framing


+ uv-protection
+ no reflection
+ clear view

Frosted glass

+ no reflection
+ small UV-protection
not as clear as Artglass


+ ligthweight
+ possible to use with extra large works
+ not as reflective as regular glass
more expensive than frosted and regular glass

Float glass

+ cheap
+ still protects work from dust and scratches
reflects light
no UV-protection


Canvas frames

We use high quality canvas frames made frome jointed wood. Profile of the frame is 20x43mm.

You can order canvas frames in any size that you want. We also have higher frames (40x43mm).

Joint wood canvas frames are good because they wont bend. We recommend to buy your painting canvases from us. They are a little bit more expensive than ready-made canvases in art shops, but the quality is also much better. When using our joint wood canvas frames, you can be sure that your artwork will last for decades. If you would like to order, you can contact us by sending a message through contact form.

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