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What is photo mount?

Photo mount is photo paper laminated to special self-adhesive foamboard. We have 5mm and 10mm thick foamboard.

Pros and cons of photo mount

Photo mount is the cheapest solution when it comes to printing and hanging your photos. Photo mount is also very light weight.

Photo mount itself is not very durable. Foamboard is quite soft and without frame and glass it may get damaged easily. We recommend framing and glazing for photo mounts.

Hangers for photo mounts

Unframed photo mounts are hanged using special hangers that are pressed into the backside of the foamboard.



What is photo canvas?

Photo canvas is print on special canvas that is stretched to a wooden frame. Photo canvas is very durable and most popular choice when it comes to decorating your home with nice family photos. You can hang photo canvas without a decorative frame. You can choose between 20mm or 40mm stretcher frames. Both of them will give a nice 3D look to your photo.

fotolõuend servad

Different finished of photo canvas

Pros and cons of photo canvas

Photo canvas is very durable and easy to order. If you dont want to waste time on choosing between differenet frames, adding matboards etc, then photo canvas is the best option.

Photo canvas is a popular choice when making reproductions of real paintings. We print directly on canvas, so the texture of canvas will give a little “like real painting” touch to the print.

Compared to photo mount – it is a little bit more expensive, but higher price is really worth it.

Hangers for photo canvas

For smaller formats we use sawtooth hangers. For bigger formats we use wire for hanging.


Framing photo canvas

Photo canvas doesn’t neccesarily need a decorative frame, but it is possible to frame photo canvases also. Sometimes a well chosen decorative frame will make your print look like a real painting. We have a really big range of deocrative frames to choose from.


Why choose framed photo mount?

Framed photo mount is the right option when you like to best outcome when printing your photos. You can combine different frames, choose the size and color of the matboard, use differenet type of glass. Take your time to design the perfect art-piece for your home. Framed photo mount will last for ages.

What is matboard and why do I need it?

This cardboard-like material sits between a frame and your photography or artwork to give it a complete finished look. During the picture framing process, matboard also serves as additional protection, separating the art from the glass.

What type of glass to choose?

Glass protects artwork from dust and scratches and UV.

We have 3 different types of glass to choose from.

Artglass: 70% UV-protection, anti-reflective, quite expensive, best choice for real artwork

Frosted glass: anti-reflection, not as clear as Artglass

Float glass: cheap, but still provides protection from dust and scratches. Reflects a lot and has no UV-protection.

Can I order my print in sizes that are not shown in the system?

Yes, you can. Sizes in the ordering system are the most common print sizes. We can print in any size you like, considering that maximum length of shorter side can be 1050mm. If you would like to get your print in custom size, then please send your file to

Do you have other print materials?

Yes, probably we have what you are looking for, as long as you are looking for photo printing. Please send your inquiry to

What kind of printer do you use?

We use Canon PRO4000 photo printer. It is one of the best printers on the market when it comes to high quality photo printing. Using a twelve-color system of pigment-based inks as well as a Chroma Optimizer, this set will deliver vivid images with clear details along with enhanced gloss uniformity, improved scratch resistance, better reproduction of dark areas, and reduced graininess.

How are the frames made?

All the frames are handcrafted and custom made just for your artwork. We use raw material from Italy, Croatia and Spain.


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