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Good time to decorate your walls

published: August 18, 2020

Right now you probably spend more time at home. Use this time to do things that you usually don’t have time for. Spend time with your family, watch good movies and take care of your home.

Take a look at your walls. If they look a little empty and cold then we can help you.


We know that mirrors are usually one of the last elements to buy when decorating your new home. If you are thinking about buying a mirror, but haven’t found one yet, then look around on our website. Take a look at our frames and order your new mirror from our online system. We probably have what your are looking for – over 700 different decorative frames to choose from. Furthermore, you can choose the exact size of the mirror. The best part is – you can do this without leaving your house.

Framed mirror in Workland office

Framed prints

At times when travelling is a little bit complicated, it is good to take a look at your old travel pictures. Maybe some more memorable and special pictures are worth printing and framing. Framed prints last for ages. Digital photos get lost in your computers and you probably won’t view them after uploading them to your computer. Framed photos will pass these good emotions to everyone visiting your home. You can upload and design your own prints here

If you don’t have any photos to print, maybe you’ve found some great artwork that should be framed?

Framed photo

Decorative pictures

If you don’t have any pictures to frame or you don’t have the time to order a custom print, we also have a big choice of ready-made decorative pictures. Paintings on canvas, framed prints and posters. Take a look in our e-shop, you will probably find what you are looking for. When buying frame sets, you can also replace the prints in the frames with your own photos.

Frame set Architecture in Mina